....."financing and to catalyze donors through the World Bank," whatever that means....

I smell bribery

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Western financial system is bankrupted since 2008, no more QE or zero interest rates (or covid bio weapon psyops) are possible now with high inflation due to neocons suicidal vendetta...the Global South is patient and winning...oil will soon reach 100 usd or even more at 120/150 the all ponzi will collapse then expect a major false flag.

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Time for Zelensky to step aside. That is the only way a peace can be negotiated. Ukraine will have to be a neutral country, belonging to no one.

We need to supply Taiwan what it needs now. The Chinese may not wait much longer. Biden is weak, our military has been weakened by democrat left and this is dangerous. We must make it very costly to Chinese if they decide to invade.

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mud fight (plural mud fights)

(literally) A physical fight in which two (or more) opponents wrestle in mud or other dirt.

(figurative) A dirty duel, involving verbal mudslinging.


It will soon be a mudfight in both senses - Autumn in Ukraine and elections in America

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Sep 19·edited Sep 19

thanks stephen... the ongoing question of ''when will the madness stop?" is still ongoing... i wouldn't rely on the mad king zelensky or the mad king biden to stop any of it, but we see in the undemocratic manner that zelensky gets rid of his opponents a real dictator at heart... perhaps russiagate will become ukrainegate, but this is unlikely as the plebs need to remain in ignorance for as long as possible..

meanwhile the usa and west unravel as we watch... it is working for some, but definitely not the majority... if you think the usa public is unhappy with the direction, where no americans are dying, imagine what the general populace of ukraine think at this point?? but lets all hail the mad king zelensky, until he exits stage left.. i see the nyt is finally acknowledging some of this, perfectly timed for zelenskys visit to the usa.. see moon of alabama article from today... www.moonofalabama.org..

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The Great Actor and Deceiver Zelinski will always get more money and weapons. Out in the open giving, or in the dark giving. Remember the religious on going hatred of the West for Russia.

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It is surprising that a researcher, with access to well-documented sources,

included in his article,

widely taken up,

speaking of the heavy losses suffered by the Ukrainian brigades,

a link on the advanced engagement of the 25th RUSSIAN Combined Arms Army…???

Indeed, its link in the 6th paragraph, in the sentence:

“Two important brigades, the 25th Air Mobile and the 82nd Air Assault, lost so many men and equipment on the Zaporizh front…”


Points to an article dealing with the engagement of the 25th RUSSIAN CAA on the Zaporizye front


not on the 25th Airborne Brigade of the UKRAINIAN Armed Forces…


It doesn’t change the substance of the article, but it’s good to know…

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Under current administration you are right. Our military is being worn down by "wokeness" of stupid people. It will take a Republican administration to begin to restore the military for its main purpose: to destroy tbe enemy as quickly as possible.

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The neocons will ensure that the us economy will not collapse while asking for more and more money for Ukraine....they know for sure that at any point the us economy goes south the Ukraine will dry up or be diverted back to the usa....Thus, no matter what, Biden and his corrupt crew will ensure all efforts will be made to not allow the obvious to be used against their 2024 Dem election steal.

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Thanks for the update, Stephen. The legacy media has been promoting the idea that Russia is seeking a quick peace plan to end the war and they are also claiming that Russia's Baltic fleet has been badly damaged. Any truth to those notions or is that just undocumented information?

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