Great article! Thank you very much!

I really hope that Americans open their eyes and kick out the Neo-Cons from the Congress and the White House... once and for all.

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thanks stephen.. its true what you say, but i'd like to add my 2c..

"It has long been understood that Ukraine is a corrupt country. " what hasn't been understood as well is the usa is a corrupt country.. ever since nixon took us$ off the gold standard, the us$ has been the de facto world currency, thanks the international institutions that came into effect after the 2nd world war.. it was funding the vietnam war that forced this change.. since then - endless wars on the part of the usa have been the norm, not the exception..

as to the dems and the repubs - there is one thing that they are both always in agreement with - support for foreign wars - for various different reasons.. they never have a problem supporting ongoing wars financially.. one would be smart to ask why that is..

quote "There will be a strong lobbying effort by some US companies who anticipate getting rich providing support to Ukraine (these in addition to the usual suspects in defense industries)." the name of the us company is called blackrock.. they along with the other mutual fund corps will be at the front of the trough.. the imf and world bank work for wall st and blackrock... i am putting it bluntly.. if anyone looks into this - this is what they will see... the imf stipulations for the money to ukraine basically give the agricultural land in ukraine to blackrock and friends..


the only thing not going to plan is the west - usa - nato and friends - are not holding the winning hand at the moment... i am not sure that it is going to change either...

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With all our domestic problems, I don’t give a shit about Ukraine or it’s fate.

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WHat we care? 500k already dead ,400k ukro-nazi, and 100k russians

Whats the cost per kill is the question that the west only asks, we know that Russian can kill west for really cheap. That is how war is measured cost per kill per kill then & only ten do you know the 'winner'


Besides BIDEN is winning in Hawaii, just like he won in Ukraine, all the children are dead and/or gone.


But all is OK because BIDEN has come clean on why 2,000 children on MAUI had to be incinerated; Because their parents refused to let Hollywood turn Lahaina into a child fucking brothel..


KUNSTLER is/was RIGHT this is the FUCKING end of BIDEN

Biden Admits that Hawaiian GOV mandated all ‘CHILDREN’ in Lahainia be ‘consolidated’ and then cremated by US-MIL

2,000 Children gone without a trace and BIDEN says ‘You wouldn’t let me rape your children, so they died, let the world know this that a fuck-child lives and if you stop the ZOG from fucking your children they all DIE


You will own nothing, and if your children dont’ suck geriatric COCK they will be cremated.

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