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it's a funny thing about the usa and west generally offshoring all of its manufacturing and etc to places like china, taiwan and etc... it means the corporations associated with the usa and west have continued to do well financially, but the ordinary people of the usa haven't, unless they are heavily invested in the stock market, a symbol for this offshoring success... but it is really at the end of a gun that the usa is heavily reliant on in combo with the supremacy of the us$ in the financial institutions formatted after ww 2 - imf, world bank, bis and etc. etc..

without military bases in more places on the planet that any other country, this unipolar or colonial, imperialistic ideology would have a much harder time justifying itself.. so it continues on emphasizing threats, bullying tactics and etc. etc. - to try to maintain its position in the world.. as to how the people of the usa, or the west more generally, view all these military adventures to keep the corporations ( they use the term oligarchs when it applies to adversaries ) propped up, remains to be seen... bottom line - the usa is involved in the law of diminishing returns and is indeed losing its unipolar status and for good reason..

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