Some nerve of Zelensky to arrest Kolomoisky. It is my understanding that Kolomoisky bankrolled his presidential campaign and put him up to running. Guess there is no honor among thugs.

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What is the political orientation of the members of the Ukrainian general staff? Are they professional soldiers who believe they are serving their country, or are they fascist lackeys serving the interests of the puppet masters in Washington? If it is the former, is it realistic to expect a coup and a cease-fire?

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Nov 1, 2023·edited Nov 1, 2023

TIME has been chosen by US Deep State puppeteers to signal Zelensky is about to be Diem-icized. This is a typical Deep State "SPECIAL Communications" bulletin. TIME portrays Z. as totally bonkers and delusional.


Methinks this is a huge story and the first concrete step to conclude the misbegotten Ukrainian "Great ROI" War.

The Time hit piece could have been written a long time ago; the fact that we're seeing it now tells us that the UkroNazis have served their purpose. As Henry the K says"...but to be America’s friend is fatal" .

NB: TIME confirms Stephen's reporting by noting as well that even if the West lavishes armaments on Ukraine, there's no one left to fire these weapons. It's over. Now that the pool of young men is literally depleted, US Deep State ready to move on to More War du Jour.

Let's face it: You've got to be a pretty dumb head of state not to know this is how the UniPolar Hegemon has operated for 80 years... Zelensky the Comic is a perfect example of pure dumbass.

On that note it is also worth mentioning that the Taiwanese show they have a much higher IQ than the UkroNazis. Latest polling for JAN elections shows that an PRC ACCOMODATIONIST coalition is winning by a margin of almost 70%. No doubt, visions of Taipei reduced to Bakhmut style rubble have influenced Taiwanese voters.

It's over. In only three years Biden scores a hat trick: Afghanistan, Ukraine and Taiwan. He's definitely primed for Re-Election.

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The poor Ukrainians are going to be abandoned by the Americans. Likely immediately after the 24 election.

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