"The bottom line is that NATO's strategy needs revision or, alternatively, that the Europeans and Russians work out a mutually acceptable security arrangement. It is exactly such an arrangement that Russia proposed to NATO in December, 2021 and which was rejected without discussion."

Yup, this could have all been avoided a year and a half ago. But the clown-show that is the Biden administration wanted in the worst way a kinetic response from Russia so that they could justify stopping the standup of the Nordstream II pipeline and begin to economically decouple Europe (meaning Germany) from Russia. The USA is deeply complicit in setting the stage for this totally unnecessary war.

Let us see whether the Europeans get some backbone and begin to do what is in their interests, rather than the interests of the war mongers in Washington. We should know by the end of next week.

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dismantle nato... nato is the cause of all of this and of course nato is a cia creation for use against russia... a cold war relic that the war, banking and energy industries have held dearly for fear of losing their position at the front of the trough.. without nato things would go back to normal...a lot of people, thanks the western msm corporate run media - continue to be fooled by this... russia has no need to hurry anything... nato has its own self destruct module built inside of it since its inception..

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Bunch of Insane Sociopathic Narcissistic Neocons. I'd rather they all get ARRESTED for WAR CRIMES, putting out all those men out for a human slaughter reaching 1,000-1,500 a day. Eff the "Strategy". It's a Humanitarian Crisis. That surpasses anything else...in my book. Human lives on the Battlefield to serve their Hegemonic Delusions! Absolutely Disgusting! No, REVOLTING! The only thing good about being NUKED is they won't be there when I get heaven, that's for sure!!!

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Thanks for your sobering analysis, however i want to point out that any Security guarantee or peace deal or whatever the US try to craft for Ukr need to receive approval from the Russian. And the Russian is not in the mood for a US dictate peace deal and the US dont have the tools or the means or have garnered enough international support to pressure the Russian to agree to a peace deal that is not in Russian interest.

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Jul 7, 2023·edited Jul 7, 2023

This assessment is VERY optimistic about the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization (NATO) soon to become North Atlantico-Pacific Terrorist Organization with liaison offices in Japan.

Let me be franc, I am sitting here on the US West Coast and I've been sleepless since the "Crazies in the Basement" took over the White House in 2021 (66% of Bidensky's cabinet) dictating what they want to a demented "president". If they attack Russia or China, the US is going to be cleaned up with zero air protection... I mean zero. In fact, you cannot protect a country from the Russian Poseidons that operate from the oceans, not to mention hypersonic ICBMs (Sartmat).

1. Some people believe that the US is protected by the most sophisticated Air Defence Systems in the world. That's Myth #1.

Did you see how Russia destroyed 5 Patriot (PAC-3) launchers in Kiev just one day after deployment?

Do you know that the Patriots represent the backbone of NATO defence systems?

Do you know that the Patriots were challenged by the Houthis in Saudi Arabia using simple stone age missiles (one month of oil production gone in 2019!)?

You don't need hypersonic missiles to penetrate NATO air defences!!!

The US is not protected either for a simple reason. The DoD has 16 battalions of Patriots, sent one to Kiev (burned on day 1) and the remaining 15 battalions are needed to protect 850 military bases around the world + the US territory. Is that possible?

2. Myth #2

..."Leopard, along with the US Abrams main battle tank, form the armor backbone of NATO's land defense."....


ISIS already challenged US Abrams in Iraq, ISIS burned Turkish Leopards in Northern Syria,

The Saudis couldn't move with US Abrams in the sand in Yemen (75 tons of junk!)

Does anybody out there believe that US Abrams can cross Ukrainian bridges designed to withstand 45 tons? or event use Ukrainian dirt roads?

NATO = Paper Tiger!

To make matters worse, a British general announced yesterday that UK has only 40 tanks in stock that are ready for combat. And it's the UK that is asking NATO to start a war against Russia! Welcome to Global Britain!

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the least I can hope, vehemently praying to God, that NATO will be divided in the decision to continue supporting the warlike policy of the USA or to continue obeying it in a shameless way

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It would be insane for European countries to yield to pressures from abroad to continue to deliver armsto Ukraine. Time to stop, time for a wise withdrawal!

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The USA has no NATO partners in Europe. They are vassals.

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Thanks for the update. Going to be interesting to see how Ukraine tries to present itself as a democracy needing protection when its President has just said that he's going to be suspending elections for the foreseeable future...

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The Neocons and NATO have a Nazi mindset inculcated into them since 1945. The fear and hatred of Russia is the manufactured product. Russophobia is manufactured like COVID-19.

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As long as Ukraine gets help from the West to rebuild its country, it does not have much to gain from joining Nato. On its own it will be able to have some of the most powerful weapons industries in the world. It also has advanced nuclear engineering and will be able to create its own nuclear deterrence in no time judging from Ukrainian advancements of Soviet nuclear missile programs.

Ukraine will be better off to be its own Super Israel.

Ukraine must know by now that it has become a victim of the timid West's boiling the frog strategy.

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NATO = USA’s Other Warmongering War Criminal Military!

Bunch of U.S. Puppet Countries!

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Here is what to expect Stephen.

This is the trajectory of The United States . . .


Washington's Ukraina Grandioznaya Skhema.

The Graveyard of This Empire.

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Just more lies and empty threats from Vilnius. Don't think anyone serious can't by now figure out NATO and US is not even a paper tiger. Totally outclassed by Russia and its military. Dems are walking away from Biden, and MAGA repubs are growing a pair and soon should begin serious investigation into Hunters goings on.

I personally think Biden is out and Newsome ain't got a chance. Regardless Ukraine is checkmate within 6 mos, Zelenski gonna find out what "being alone" really means.

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Being out of money and out of bullets has never stopped desperate, democratically elected politicians from starting wars. Hitler and Operation Barbarossa being a recent example.

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If US strategy is, as the Rand Corp document prescribed, to wear down Russia, then USNATO will continue to find ways of doing so - no matter how long it takes...The Russians appear to know that...

Sure, Russia was far more resilient to the economic sanctions than thought, but that is just a bloody nuisance - the war will go on, one way or another...

In the early 1980s we learned of the Israeli's Yinon Plan: the break-up of all nearby Arab states into statelets, the better to control & exploit them...That was the template for the break-up of Yugoslavia, and it's the template for Russia...Global Corporations wont rest until that happens...

Remember the Afghani Mujahideen ? Can we expect the next stage of the war against Russia to be guerrilla warfare - conducted by US etal special forces ?

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