Sitemap - 2023 - Weapons and Strategy

Ukrainian Trucks Blocked by Poland and now by Slovakia

Is the Hersh Story on Secret Ukraine Peace Negotiations True?

A Debate on Ukraine

Are Chinese Aircraft Carriers a Big Threat?

Risking NATO's Future for Expansion of NATO in Ukraine

Z-Day in Kiev

Why is the West Moving to Replace Zelensky?

Was the death of Zaluzhny's Military Aide an Assassination?

Zelensky is at war --With his Generals

Israeli Arrow Downs Houthi Ballistic Missile

Ukraine Crunch Coming --Zelensky on the Rocks?

US Bases in Iraq and Syria Have No Effective Air Defenses

Biden's $110 Billion Fiasco

A New Radar to Deal with an Emerging Cruise Missile Threat

Houthi Attack Was Aimed at the US Destroyer near Yemen, Not Israel

Putin, Avdiivka and Peace Feelers in Ukraine

Big Power Involvement in the Gaza War

Trump's Outrageous Statement About Israel

When Technology Does Not Work As Advertised

What's Behind Israel's Intelligence Failure?

Questions from a Military Friend

When Should Ukraine Negotiate with Russia?

The Real Issue is Not About Ukraine: It is NATO and Russia

Israeli Think Tank Proposes Defense Treaty with the US


Biden's UN Speech--No Compromise, No Negotiations

Will the US get into another war, this time in Armenia?

Effort to Get Zelensky to Negotiate with Russia Has Failed

US Navy gives up the ghost on its failed ‘urban street fighter’

Biden and Blinken Pay Ransom to Iran

Abrams Tank Upgrade is Cancelled

Is NATO Learning About Its Future in Ukraine?

The Passing of Parris Chang (張旭成)

Ukraine Update 9/4/2023

Washington Takes Big Risks to Salvage Ukrainian Army Counter Offensive

Ukraine Update September 1, 2023

Risks for NATO in Ukraine's Attacks on Russian Territory

Marines To Buy Iron Dome. Army, No.

Who Did It? Prigozhin and Putin

A Pretty Terrible Ending

Look Out: Ukraine Will Cost More than Half a Trillion More if the War Ends Tomorrow

US Intelligence Says Ukraine's Offensive a Failure

Saving Taiwan: An Industrial Approach

Saving Taiwan: US Investment Needed

Ukraine Update: Keep an Eye on Kupyansk

Will the US Support Armed Intervention in Niger?

Saudi Peace Talks on Ukraine Fail to Agree on Anything

Is the War in Ukraine Mutating?

The Attack on Command Centers in Russia and Ukraine


Oppenheimer, Hiroshima and Houtermans

The Prigozhin Enigma



Stoltenberg Continues to Back NATO Expansion as NATO's Future Grows Cloudy

Is there a Purge in Russia?

What to Expect from the Vilnius NATO Summit

Wagner Solution Looks Like a Disaster

Unknown Unknowns About Russian Coup

What Didn't Happen in Russia

Prigozhin Ends Assault, Return to Base

Something is Rotten in Moscow

Ukraine Update 06/23/2023

Blinken: How Not to Handle China

Is the Ukrainian Offensive Another Kursk?

Putin's Meeting with Russian Correspondents (including "Mil Bloggers") in Moscow on

Ukraine Update 06/13/2023

Big Development in Ukraine?

Maybe the Ukrainians Blew Up the Kakhovka Dam?

Washington's Self-Defeating Foreign Policy

Robocop and the Classified Directive

Much Ado About Something: Drone Attacks in Russia and Ukraine

What Happened to Ukraine's General Valerii Zaluzhny?

The Jewish Cemetery and the Soul of America

Ukraine's Planned Attack on the Turkstream Pipeline

Wondering About Prigozhin

Ukraine's New F-16s are far from New

Bakhmut Final Update 05/20/2023

Bakhmut Update: 05/19/2023

Bryen on Ukraine: Bill Walton Show

Iron Dome, David's Sling and Israel's Air Defenses

The End of Bakhmut

There are no Crumple Zones in Bakhmut

Prigozhin's Strange Attack on Russia's Leadership

Bakhmut Update 5/10/2023

Is Kissinger Right About Ukraine Negotiations?

Drones Over the Kremlin

Air Force Deploys A-10s to the Middle East

Bakhmut Update 04/28/23

Will Biden send US airpower for the Ukraine offensive?

Coronavirus from a Lab

Bakhmut Update 4/14/23

If China cuts rare earth supplies, what can the US do?

Is Kinmen (Quemoy) on the Hot Seat Again

Protecting Schools and House of Worship is More Important than Gun Bans

Bakhmut Update 4/2/23

Leopards, Challengers and Abrams Tanks Are Likely to Perform Poorly in Ukraine

Bakhmut Update 3/25/2023

How to Defend Taiwan is a Political Problem

Depleted Uranium Ammunition and Crimea

When Leaders Get Scared

Times to Leave Ukraine?

Bakhmut Update

What Will Happen to Prigozhin?

Russia Changing Ukraine War Strategy?

Wang Yi Makes a Peace Proposal on Ukraine

A Question of Territory

The Spy Balloon Ain't Nothin'

Little Prospect of a Ukraine Political Settlement

More Chinese Balloons!

Shooting Down Chinese High Altitude Balloons

Zelensky Wants the West to Use Nuclear Weapons

An Unpleasant Burden

About that ROTAX Engine in Iranian Drones

Marines and Yonaguni

U.S. Security at Risk as China Exploits American Technology

Messages for the Kremlin from Washington

Russia On the Rocks